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 rainwater tank and pressure pumps installation in Adelaide

    Professional Water Tank Installation And Accessories

    Galvanised Rainwater Tanks

    There’s little point in offering first-class water tank and rainwater tank products without having a first-class installation team to provide expert advice and installation. Betta Tanks will provide not only quality water tanks but also expert installation and custom tanks that we build on-site.

    If you’re looking for a water tank or water tank solutions in South Australia and in the Adelaide area, you can rely on us to install your rainwater harvesting system and rainwater tank in a prompt and reliable timeframe. Our number one priority is to ensure a timely and hassle-free water harvesting and tank installation program so you can start saving sooner.

    We have thirty years of experience installing metal water tanks, galvanised tanks, slimline water tanks, poly water tanks and stainless steel water tanks. We have strong relationships with Colo  rbond and Bluescope brands and it is our mission to deliver a holistic solution from initial discussions to after-sales service to each and every customer.

    Talk to Betta Tanks today about the water tanks for sale, the water tank sizes and the water tank rebate available to South Australians.

    Water tank accessories

    Water Tank Accessories

    At Betta Tanks, we do a lot more than just selling water tanks and rainwater tanks! We supply and install a range of accessories to help you get the most out of your rainwater tank.

    Talk to our expert team at Betta Tanks about how we can meet your requirements today.

    Pressure Pumps

    Preasure Pumps
    Your new rainwater tank will need a good pressure pump so you can water your garden and keep it looking luscious. A pressure pump will supply adequate water pressure on either one or two outlets and will provide ample water pressure for your garden watering needs. Installation is easy with Betta Tanks. We will work with you to give you an optimum flow-rate.

    Fire Pumps

    Fire Pumps
    Our fire pumps are part of a fire sprinkler system’s water supply and will be connected to your water tank. The fire pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to the sprinkler system and hose standpipes. For a safe and powerful water stream, the Betta Tank’s fire pump will be tailored for your needs.

    Hose Reels

    Hose Reels
    Hose reels solve the messy, tangled hose problem. The hose reels in the Betta Tank product range are good quality, affordable and are a breeze to use. Our hose reels come with a locking device to prevent your hose unwinding in transit and a rotating handle for rewinding.

    Vortex Suction

    Vortex suction is used to optimise the mixture of air and water in the pump which, left untreated, may reduce the pump’s effectiveness.

    Rain Heads

    Rain heads fight off leaves and debris keeping them away from the flow of water and ensuring any other little nasties are kept out of the pipe system. The implementation of a rain head ensures the water tank stays clean with minimal intervention from the owner.

    First Flush

    Similar to the function of a rain head, a first flush is a water diverter that acts as a purifier before you receive your water. A first flush prevents the first flush of water, which often contains unwanted material from the roof.

    Tank Gauges

    A tank gauge is a level indicator that tells you how much water is in your rainwater tank – it’s as simple as that. A tank gauge is an invaluable tool to tell how much rainwater you’ve accumulated in your new rainwater tank.

    Ball Floats

    A ball float is a device used to open the tank when the water level falls below a particular level, and vice versa. Ball Floats are particularly useful in the peak of summer and winter when rainwater is scarce or at its maximum.

    Leaf Eaters

    Leaf Eaters
    Leaf eaters stop leaves and other debris from entering the rainwater tank when it’s not raining. The leaf eater uses its flow directional gutter to eat up the leaves it comes into contact with.

    Gutter Guard

    Gutter Guards
    Once again, as the name suggests, gutter guards protect your gutters from unwanted material on your roof and in your tank. Blocked gutters can cause a wide range of problems – gutter guard is your solution.
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