The Premium Provider of Rainwater Tanks

Betta Tanks is the complete solution for rainwater tanks completing all design, manufacture and installation requirements with our in-house team. We also stock a diverse range of tank accessories including pumps, first flush filters, gauges, gutter guards, leaf eaters and hose reels, to name a few.

Our Experienced Team

Experts in the field of water harvesting, we are able to confidently equip our customers with the advice and products that they seek, all for the most affordable water tanks pricing in Adelaide. Maximising the capabilities of a tank requires an understanding of location, rainfall, usage habits and available area, and as Adelaide locals, we are able to offer unique insight here.

A Tank For Every Household

At Betta Tanks, we know that there is a tank for every property and every purpose. We provide options for tight spaces, fire resistance, as well as all size and material requirements. While we do stock standard sizes, we are also a trusted custom rainwater tanks manufacturer . Water tanks may be traditionally associated with rural properties which bear the full brunt of drought, as well as limited access to mains water.

An Investment In Your Property

Rainwater tanks are known to aid the environment by minimising reliance on mains water, but few people realise the extent to which this can help their back pocket as well. While factors like catchment area, tank size and rainfall will all contribute to the amount that can be captured, owners can expect their rainwater tank to contribute to a significant proportion of their weekly water usage.

Why choose us?


We provide high quality expert advice on all the products and processes we market and visit overseas businesses and tradeshows to continuously develop our learning and expertise.


We provide reliable communications to quickly turn around your enquiries and jointly plan the implementation. We provide site supervision/training for our product range.


Our products' services are the highest quality and certified to international standards. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and keep ourselves at the forefront of industry innovations.


We have over 20 years of valuable experience working around Australia and throughout Asia. We strive to keep our clients happy as we know that word of mouth is the best recommendation.